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Download the app and log in to start earning Real Time Rewards. Reach 3,000 Tier Points and watch the extra mycash roll in. The more you play and earn, the more rewards you’ll get!

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$10 - 3,000-17,999 - get $10 mycash for every 3,000 Tier Points earned

$25 - 18,000-49,999 - get $25 mycash for every 5,000 Tier Points earned

$150 - 50,000-199,999 - get $150 mycash for every 25,000 Tier Points earned

$500 - 200,000+ - get $500 mycash for every 50,000 Tier Points earned*

*See FAQs

1. What is Real Time Rewards?
Real Time Rewards is our new loyalty rewards program that allows eligible mychoice® members to earn and redeem more mycash® faster than ever before. Just download the app and watch the extra mycash roll in.

2. How much more mycash can I earn?
Once a member reaches 3,000 tier points within an earning period, they will begin to earn real-time rewards in the form of mycash. The amount of mycash increases based on their tier points earned and is automatically added to the member’s account. The mycash earned from Real Time Rewards is in addition to all other mycash earned from gaming, retail and restaurant spend, sportsbook and online casino play. Members can use their combined mycash to reward themselves however they’d like. It’s the member’s choice!

3. What is mycash and how can I redeem it?
mycash is the loyalty currency of mychoice. Members can earn mycash at over 35 mychoice destinations nationwide, including our sportsbook locations, online sports betting and real money/play for fun online casinos. mycash can be redeemed for free play, hotel stays, dining, online casino credits, retail shopping at mychoice destinations, and at our online marketplace,

4. Does mycash expire?
mycash balances are subject to expiration after SIX (6) months of mychoice account inactivity (i.e., if a mychoice member does not earn in SIX (6) months, any mycash balance may be removed). Elite and Owners Club members will not have their mycash expire as long as they retain one of those tier statuses.

5. How can I shop online at mychoice mall?
In order to purchase items at mychoice mall, members must have a account created and registered. Members can then access the mall through the mychoice rewards loyalty app and From there, members can use their accumulated mycash to purchase electronics, fashion goods, Barstool merch, accessories from today’s most popular brands, gift cards, subscriptions, and even unique local experiences.

6. How can I track my earnings?
mychoice members can track their tier status, mycash balance and view offers and rewards online by downloading the mobile mychoice rewards loyalty app or logging in to Members can also use the app to see how close they are to the next Real Time Reward.

7. I’m an Owners Club member. Will I still get an annual gift?*
In addition to the Real Time Rewards mycash that mychoice members will be accumulating throughout the earning period, once an Owners Club member reaches 400,000+ tier points they are eligible for the annual Mercedes-Benz® lease or other luxury gift. (*When annual luxury gift eligibility is initiated at 400,000 tier points, the $500 Real Time Rewards mycash will not be awarded but will resume at 450,000 tier points).

8. Do rollover points count toward my Real Time Rewards earnings?
Yes. All tier points accumulated throughout the earning period, including rollover points, count toward a member’s Real Time Rewards balance.

9. I’m an Elite member. What happens to my annual gift?
As an Elite member, there’s no more waiting until the end of the year to receive a great gift. Members earning 50,000 tier points or more will earn at least $375 in mycash and continue to earn up to $1,125 in mycash a year and reward themselves whenever they want with whatever they want!

10. How much mycash can be earned?
The amount of mycash earned increases based on tier points earned, but don’t forget –the more you play, the more you earn!


More mycash. More Shopping.

Cash in at mychoice mall.

With Real Time Rewards, you can earn more mycash® faster than ever before and use it to shop on mychoice® mall for gifts from some of today’s most popular brands. Reward yourself today!